GoBLE library [PORTED]: Links with HM-10 BLE module


I needed a BLE controller for my balance bot so I ported DFRobot’s GoBLE library and modified an hm-10 to link with it. You can find more information about the app here.


A link to the ported library would be nice. :wink:

I’d love to use this with my Raspberry Pi Zero W.


The lib is published so you should see it in WebIDE/P.Dev or particle library search for ‘goble’. Github here.


I use the lib with an HM-10 but I suppose it would work with any BLE that has a programmable service/characteristic and supports serial transfer. hm-10 has a 20 byte serial buffer. You can see the GoBLE protocol in the 'i" information tab of the iOS App.

For hm-10, I programmed a service UUID=0xDFB0, characteristic=0xDFB1, @115200



@mdoan7 Thanks for sharing!


Hi nrokinson, did you find a way to make GoBLE working with a Raspberry?


Nope, sorry.


Try this… https://scribles.net/creating-ble-gatt-server-uart-service-on-raspberry-pi/