Getting started with a Photon Weather Shield using a Core - Beginner Questions

I work with computers for a living, but today the Photon Weather Shield has me a little stumped. I’ve spent the better part of a day with it, and while I’ve made a fair amount of what I consider progress, I’m nowhere near having this device operational.

Here’s what I have tried so far:

  1. I’ve read the Photon Weather Shield tutorial at least a dozen times.

  2. I updated my Core with the deep_update and cc3000 binaries

  3. The core logs in and “breathes” normally.

  4. I created the stream, and put my keys inside the Phant module.

  5. If I use the DEV IDE, it says can’t find the OneWire.h library during a verify. I found one on GITHUB, but it has a different name there. Is this still the same library? Is it safe to rename a library?

  6. If I use the on-line BUILD IDE, I have located and included all the libraries required for the shield, but I can’t find the app “driver” source code. If I copy/paste the SPARKFUN_PHANT.INO source code into the web BUILD IDE, I get compiler warnings and errors. Am I using the wrong .INO/CPP to call everything?

Any hints, tips, techniques or links to help me get this running are most appreciated!