Getting/Finding an access token

Hi, i used to be able find the access token for my Photon in the particle console, but not anymore. It seems i now have to generate one with via a complicated method i don’t understand… I have some questions i hope you can help me witt;

Is the documented method the only one to get an access token? And if so, is there an easy step-by-step instruction on how to generate the access token via the terminal or so?

You can also find and create the access token in Web IDE or CLI.

>particle token
Manage access tokens (require username/password)
Usage: particle token <command>
Help:  particle help token <command>

  list    List all access tokens for your account
  revoke  Revoke an access token
  create  Create a new access token
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Thanks for the speedy reply. If i retrieve all the tokens via the CLI i get a lot of tokens, but nothing for my Photon as it seems. Just to be clear. I’m looking for the access_token i have to put in a function call like this.

<form action="" method="POST">

You can use any of the access tokens that haven’t expired yet for any of your devices.

But I’m not sure you can put the access_token into the POST request as an URL-encoded parameter.

You could use Particel API JS or have a look at this slightly dated tutorial

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Yes, what ScruffR said. Access tokens are for your account, not a specific device. So any access token for your account can be used with any device in your account.

The easiest place to get one is in, in the Settings (gear) icon:

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Thx Guys! Problem solved…

Particle has changed the format of the page to recommend the CLI (apparently I don’t have an access token yet). The CLI is not my preferred method, because I have no need for the CLI. Are there any others approaches?

You can create a token from your browser with no software install:

Create Token - Browser-Based