Getting API Data Using Webhooks and Response Templates

I wrote this tutorial after working on my first Photon project and found that the information I needed to get started was spread across multiple places, and had gaps for someone new to web projects. I wrote this for a beginner that has never used any Particle products before. However, the tutorial includes a thorough explanation of Webhooks and Mustache Response Templates that could be useful for an experienced Particle user who wants to learn these concepts.

The example I chose in the tutorial is getting chance-of-precipitation from the API, but the concepts could be applied to getting other data from or similar APIs.

Tutorial: Umbrella Reminder with Particle Photon - Connected Displays

I’m planning to do more tutorials with the Photon, and welcome any feedback you have to help make this and other tutorials better.


Very interesting tutorial, well done!
I will certainly use these possibilities for our new “particelized home” when I find some time …
:hand: :older_man:

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Great tutorial, simple and effective!



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