Getting a xenon to communicate to blynk app directly, works with argon but not xenon


Have a question regarding xenon interface to a Blynk, I can not get the xenon to communicate with blynk, thru the argon, Yet I can flash the same program to the argon and it will work, is there a trick or way to be able to program directly to the xenon to interface with Blynk, can you please have someone on your team let me know how to interface a xenon to communicate directly to the Blynk app. it works for the Argon but does not work on the xenon. Help me understand why please thanks Mike


Hey Mike!
I read this post the other day. There are some limitations that might get in the way:


From what I understand, getting things worked out between Particle and Blynk where the Xenon will be able to communicate directly with Blynk is something on the radar but is on the back burner at the moment. The engineers have their hands full with ironing out the stability with the mesh devices. The work-around to use publish/subscribe seems to be the only good way that I have found thus far to make it work. So far, for me, it seems to be working quite well. Essentially, the Xenon does not end up communicating with Blynk at all and only with the Particle Cloud. The Argon (or Boron) as the gateway is the only thing communicating with Blynk. With the exception of using the Xenon with an Ethernet Featherwing with will allow TCP traffic to and from the device.


thanks very helpful, I was thinking just a mesh publish subscribe and use the argon as the main interface, but wanted to leave that argon with not to much programming on its end want it to mainly just be the gateway to the outside world. oh well guess my options are limited either use the argon and program some of the code there, or I could use publish subscribe type events to directly interface with the xenon sounds like thru a webhook of sorts. thanks for the response and article reference very helpful. It least I wont keep trying things that will ultimately not work. :slight_smile:


thanks for the insight, you using mesh publish and subscribe and bringing in the blynk info into the argon , if so how are you pub sub in with a mesh pub sub or a particle pub sub. just wondering whats working best for someone who is already ran into this issue and resolved it somewhat.



I posted demo code here for using a Xenon with Blynk in a mesh network using Publish/Subscribe.