GET format for access_tokens

I try to get the token with HTML file. But don’t know the format. I tested with curl according to doc as follow and it works.

curl -u

But when testing with $.getJSON(requestURL, function(data){}); in HTML, it does not work.
What is the format should be ?

var requestURL = " -u"

Heya @Dilbert!

jQuery requires a slightly different way to pass in a HTTP Basic Auth token:

  url: '',
  beforeSend: function (xhr) {
    xhr.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Basic " + btoa('username:password'));
  success: function(data) {
    // here you go!  example:
    alert('first token: '+data[0].token);

You might want to take a look at sparkjs though, as it abstracts all that for you!

With sparkjs:

spark.login({username: '', password: 'pw'}, function(err, body) {

Enjoy! :sunflower:

Thanks, it works. Is the sparkjs recently available. I did not notice this before.

Also, is this normal my core would have 6 Access Token assigned. One is User and other 5 are Spark related.

Very fresh indeed - started 9 day ago :smile:

First at all, they are assigned to your account, not to a single core.
The number of access tokens depend on your different use cases - you’ll see only one for the spark-ide but most likely many for spark-cli, spark, Spark and so on. Any time you login again via one of the many ways, a new token is created. To avoid -> reuse your tokens :sunny: To cleanup -> use the API :hammer:

Getting the access token with user email+password and it works.

But when I try different command, get list of devices in account. Then it does not work. Any ideas ?

url: “