GardenSpark - using the Spark Core to gather plant/garden environment data and put it in the cloud for visualization, analysis, and automation

I’ve implemented the Spark Core to monitor air temperature, soil temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and light levels from a plant and send it to the cloud. I’m currently using the Spark Publish() feature to put the data up to Spark’s servers, and then subscribe from my server using server sent events to gather the data on my server, store it in a database, server a web page, and also plot it to plotly. The server is run using nodejs. Future plans include making an enclosure, adding a water pump for automated/web API triggered watering, and also hosting my own plots using D3.

More details and updates are being posted on my blog as I continue


Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Wow so cool! I could take my Bonsai family to the next level with this.