Function Verification Response

Hello, I am writing some front-end software that sends functions to particle devices. Im currently writing the pseudo-code for the app.
Is there an easy way for the particle cloud to reply that the device received the function call and executed it? I’m trying to figure out the best way to notify that the device received the call. So user
touches button -> button sends API call to device ->Devices responds that it received the function call -> button turns green

I guess you mean “sending” function call requests, right?

When you are calling a Particle.function() then you will get handed back the return value (int) from that function when executed or a timeout condition when not.
So you just need to catch that return value or the error condition of the function call request.
How that’s done depends on how you are requesting (Particle JS SDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK, …)

Okay awesome, so the Particle.function() command returns the value that is returned from the function? For clarity, I am trying to update certain setpoints and config values locally on the device from the cloud:
For example, this is what the user sees on their mobile device-

Where the read config sends a function to the device to send the config values currently stored, then they can change the values on their mobile and then send the config information back to the device. I didn’t know how the Particle.function() call handles these types of requests.

Sorry, but can we get the terminology correct? You don’t send functions to the device.
You “request a function to be executed” on the device or in short “call the function”.



And for …

… you’d need to tell us what language and platform you are using for your app in order to advise.

But you can also do some reading in the docs

Yes, my mistake, it sends function calls. I am using Flutter and google firebase backend