Full Thread supported yet?

Is multi-threading supported yet? I am trying to split my work into a few processes and this would help out tremendously.

@brolly759, both the Photon and Electron support “full” threading but it is still considered to be in beta. Take a look here:



So there are only 2 threads? System and Application thread? I would assume I wouldnt want to touch system thread to keep OTA and other basic functions working. I dont use any cloud feature other than OTA. Does the application layer have threads within it?

@brolly759, the WICED firmware uses more than one thread. In fact, it is the reason why FreeRTOS is there to begin with. You can create your own threads or use other features such as Software Timers to split your work. Using multiple threads does create extra challenges when sharing single hardware resources such as Serial for example. :wink:

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