FRAM / Store & Forward / uController DB recommendations

Hey Everyone!

Knowing that it is prudent to implement store and forward for particle-type RF based solutions, we have specified an I2C FRAM module in our design. However, before we start cracking on with implementing the design for access, storage and organization of our data on and off the FRAM, I wanted to see what others are using?

Perhaps there is a Key store lookup, or some other DB-style storage library that others have used to good effect for both config and time series data.

Any recommendations from people out there?


If you looking to push the data to an online platform that also provides a dashboard, high flexibility, free accounts with generous usage then look no further than and their Particle Integration.

Thanks RWB! I was really looking for a more uController based solution, an “on-board” solution. We need to store data locally, then when connectivity is available, throw the data up.

Ok, sounded like you wanted to do both.

There is the SDFat library that allows you to push data to an SD card or ram chip. Depending on how much data you want to store you may not even need that. Just depends on how much data you want to store before pushing it out to the web to be databased.

@peekay123 Is pretty good with these options.

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