Fleet Management Dashboard Alpha Run Feedback


That would be super cool, wouldn’t it, @hl68fx?

I think for now, we’re going to hit the most obvious features first. Things like algorithms, formulas and scripts might be interesting, but would certainly come later. Probably in the form of a widget api or something like that.


Hi, Jack.

We don’t run any Java in the browser. We do use a lot of JavaScript in the browser, which certainly should run on your Chromebook. If there are things in the dashboard that don’t work on your Chromebook, please let us know by filing a bug.



this program is very usefull


Are there any updates on this? I have been trying to use the dashboard, but unless I leave the dashboard open it doesn’t seem to store any data (events from a publish, or communication). I don’t leave the dashboard open all the time, and I do need to reboot my computer at times so having to leave it open in order to capture a history is not really feasible. I’m wondering if I’m missing something. I have a system setup to monitor some machines in my shop and I get them to run well, but then they stop and I end up having to chase down which link in the chain is broken and it is more than a little tedious. I’m using the photon to publish events and variables and then using IFTTT to send out a message or log things to a file. it will work for a couple of days, but then as soon as I get comfortable that it is working it stops working and I have to go back into troubleshoot mode. Having this dashboard working would be INCREDIBLE :). Thanks!


@ewarner77 capturing and displaying historical events is still being discussed internally. If released, it would likely be part of a paid plan. For now, I’d suggest dumping data into your own database if you really need history.

Feel free to check back in with us about this, or provide thoughts as to how you’d like it to work!


Introducing the Dashboard (alpha)