Flashing upon start?

hi all, I’ve got a device in the field that only wakes up every now and again, every couple of hours for just a few seconds. It’ll be hard to predict when it’s gonna wake next. I’m wondering if there’s an automatic way to update the firmware as soon as it signs onto the cloud?


The products feature allows this. You can set the firmware revision for a device (or all devices in a product) and they’ll get the update when they connect. For small numbers of devices you’ll be in the free tier.

You probably should stay awake for at least 8 seconds to make sure you get the update, and if you are getting one (and use SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)), defer sleep until the update is received and the device resets.

If you want to go to sleep very quickly, you could just stay awake longer a few times a day and still be able to get an update.

thanks rickkas, as luck would have it, system threading is enabled on that device :slight_smile: . it’s on solar and the batteries are dead/dying, so I don’t have too much control over the on time… i definitely risk bricking the device, but it’s a risk I’ll have to take I guess.