Flashee-Eeprom reading incorrect values

Hi All,

I am using the flashee-eeprom library and on system reset the vales read are incorrect (-1). This issue is leading to a lot of incorrect values in the database and app crashes due to it. Does this happen due to flash wearing out?

The flash device used is:

FlashDevice* Spi_Flash; // declared global

Spi_Flash= Devices::createAddressErase(); // defined in a init function

Help needed urgently. Just due to this we have to use an external eeprom which is adding cost to the product.

@NS_Blue, are you using a P1 module?

Apologies for not giving the entire details.

Yes I am using P1. with 0.6.3 firmware.

The erased value for the flash is 0xff, so I’d kind of expect values of -1 if they’re a signed value.

Yes. Thats exactly whats happening. But I want to figure out why am I getting erased values? One data point is that I had used the flash as createWearLevelErase before making it createAddressErase. And I did the implementation testing on this Photon. Is that why its got corrupt?