Flash space usage optimization

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Hi guys,
I start this topic because I almost reached the electron’s flash memory limit and I would like to encourage others to discuss techniques available to save flash space. My app uses a lot of const c-strings variables to store json templates I use while publishing data. I was thinking about moving all of these to the external flash memory and then load these on setup into globally available array of c strings. What’s your opinion on that?


I personally use external FRAM, and am looking into ways to release the strings (certificates and keys) from RAM once used to connect. I find RAM more constrained than flash, but I am getting close to capacity on flash and need to look into solutions to minimize code size.

EDIT: using Boron LTE


At some point, Particle will add an API to access the 2MB space in external flash that’s not used. Here is a PR which proposed using LittleFS:


That is good to know. Do you know how it would be accessed? For clarifiiation, does this mean 2 megabits or 2 megabytes? Two megabytes would allow me to get rid of the external FRAM. Actually, even 2 megabits could. :slight_smile: That would make me happy.


@picsil, that would be 2 megaBYTES. Unfortunately, there is no timeline on this item. My guess is it would be a portable access method (and hence, not LittleFS). It may even be a user library instead of a DeviceOS library but discussions have not really started on the “how” yet.