Flash same firmware to multiple particle photon devices?

I used to register my single photon to particle cloud, and then select my photon as my default device, flash firmware into photon device, everything works fine without issue.

But my new issue/question here is beyond this, I am going to design a much bigger network with about 80 WIFI particle photon sensor nodes, the firmware is the same, but I’d like to flash the same firmware into these 80 particle photon devices without registering each photon with particle cloud. Anyone has some experiences on this subject?

Thanks a lot!

You can flash the binary via USB.
However, unclaimed devices may silently disappear and can be claimed by anybody without you having any say on it :wink:
If you have the devices claimed Particle will not allow a reclaim without you giving consent.

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Thanks for your quick pointer, yes, I used CLI command (particle flash --usb --force “firmware.bin”) and flashed the photon and argon devices, the argon seems not working as expected.

I’d advise against the --force switch.
If your devices are all Photons and your binary is targeted at a Photon you won’t need it, but if you flash a non-Photon device that way, you are in trouble - that’s probably what you are seeing with your Argon.

You were only talking about Photon nodes, if you had mentioned Argon I’d have suggested that you need two binaries (one for Photons, one for Argons) and then flash the appropriate one.

You get the picture - --force is not the solution

(source: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Cartoon-Geometric-Shapes-Matching-Wood-Toy_60473578874.html)

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thanks for the warning, I will try the USB option on photon devices only.

That’s not what I meant. You can do the same with all other Particel devices but you need to have a dedicated binary for each device type and only flash the compatible version.

yes, I understood your points.