Firmware webserver:

In the sample firmware webserver how to get the variables associated with buttons turn on and off?.
Annex of the segment that I’ve changed. You can work GET and POST on local networks or must be done in the cloud obliged to work with the spark ?. Thank you for your help.

En el firmware de ejemplo webserver cómo obtengo las variables asociados con los botones de prender y apagar?. Anexo parte del segmento que he cambiado. Se puede trabajar GET y POST en redes locales o se tiene que hacer en la nube obligatoriamente para trabajar con el spark?. Gracias por su ayuda.

Anexo parte del firmware>>

/* commands are functions that get called by the webserver framework
 * they can read any posted data from client, and they output to the
 * server to send data back to the web browser. */
void helloCmd(WebServer &server, WebServer::ConnectionType type, char *, bool)
  /* this line sends the standard "we're all OK" headers back to the
     browser */

  /* if we're handling a GET or POST, we can output our data here.
     For a HEAD request, we just stop after outputting headers. */
  if (type != WebServer::HEAD)
    /* this defines some HTML text in read-only memory aka PROGMEM.
     * This is needed to avoid having the string copied to our limited
     * amount of RAM. */
    **P(helloMsg1) = "<h1><h1 align='center'>SUPERTienda Electronica 151</h1><h3 align='center'>Servidor Web con Spark core para el Control de un LED</h3></h1><div style='text-align:center;'>";
    P(helloMsg2)=" <button onClick=location.href='./?LED=ON\' style='margin:auto;background-color: #00B100;color: snow;padding: 10px;border: 1px solid #3F7CFF;width:65px;'>ON</button>";
    P(helloMsg3)=" <button onClick=location.href='./?LED=OFF\' style='margin:auto;background-color: #000000;color: snow;padding: 10px;border: 1px solid #3F7CFF;width:65px;'>OFF</button>**";

    /* this is a special form of print that outputs from PROGMEM */

answer browser>>