Fast LED V Neopixel

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is an advantage in using the FAST LED library over the neopixel library for driving WS2812 LEDS? Why would you use one over the other?

Thanks for helping my understanding.

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Fast LED has a whole bunch of fancy features, HSV spectrum, not dimming to Zero, human vision intensity correction, fancy fades, should be less CPU intensive etc. They probably have a whole list on their website.

The neopixel library on the other hand has a rainbow animation, so yeah… :wink:

It depends on what your needs are, but fast LED definitely has some more advances features.

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Hi Moors 7 thanks for your answer.

WOW this is a library with a web site! :smile:
I didn’t know that, I will study this a bit further. Thank you very much for the lead.

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