Failed spark/flash/status with partial sucess

So I am trying get a working garage door opener like many others have but having some issues getting my code to flash. I flash the photon and get an issue after the photon starts it notifies me as failed under the event ‘start/flash/status’. I can use the IFTTT to get status but cannot get my relay to pick (I am listening for a click because I do not have anything wired) when I use the IFTTT app on my android. Could the failure cause this inability to pick the relay? I am very green at programming… The code in the link below:


You can ignore that, it's a wrong negative. Your code will probably have flashed after all.
To confirm, just flash a simple blink sketch and see the report vs. Photon behaviour.

Just try with the D7 on-board LED if the pin action works. If this is OK move on to your relay. It might be an electrical or mechanical reason which has nothing to do with code.