External Antenna Connection

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Hope this is a simple one.

Im designing a product based on the P0, and i just want to put the connector for the external antenna, so i guess i dont need the SKY13350 to switch between the on board and external antenna.

In the schematic for the Photon (https://docs.particle.io/datasheets/photon-datasheet/#schematic-rf) there are a couple of capacitors ( C14 and C17 in the image), and i was wondering if i have to put them, or whats the circuit to connect directly the antenna connector to the ANT pin on the P0.

What shoud be the circuit like?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @alexgrauer@mohit designed the Photon here at Particle should be able to help you out with that question.

Thanks @will. I´ll wait for @mohit ´s answer then.

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He’s currently on vacation, but should be back in the office on Monday!

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Hello @alexgrauer

If you plan to use a connector for the antenna, you can directly connect it to the ANT pin on the P0, making sure that the trace is of 50 ohm impedance. There is no need for any passive components in between.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @mohit,

If i use this connector, http://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=H9161CT-ND, which says:

U.FL, Ultra Miniature Coaxial Connector Receptacle, Male Pin 50 Ohm Surface Mount Solder.

Would that be ok for the 50ohms?

Thanks again

@alexgrauer That looks like the right connector.

On a side note, remember that these connectors/plugs are not meant to be plugged and unplugged into more than a few times. I’d recommend when you are designing the final product, use some form of an epoxy putty to seal the antenna connector in place after plugging it in.