External Antannae

I tried to do some digging but I seemed to find some conflicting posts which makes me thing there was a change at some point to how it’s handled. External antennae on alot of posts say its “plug and play” as in you just plug it in and by default the photon selects the best one. Some other posts were saying that by default its just the internal antennae and you have to command it to select the external antennae. So which is it? My most recent project is in a metal sub-panel and I put on an external antennae so I definitely need to select that one. I haven’t done anything with my code and when I first tucked it into the sub panel it lost connection i reset the breaker and it connected. So I’m not sure if its pure luck and a weak unreliable signal that I’ll be having from the internal or if it found and selected my external antennae. If I do have to tell it which one what does my code look like and where do I put it? In my setup code?

update I found a post with how to do it by putting this before the setup loop
STARTUP(WiFi.selectAntenna(ANT_EXTERNAL)); // Use external antenna

I put it in my code and it complied correctly… For this project I’m fine with it always using the external antennae (assuming I did it correctly) but I’m still curious about its defaults for future projects.