Exposing public data

I would like to expose data (e.g. TMP36 sensor on a Xenon) to the public for a short period of time (let’s say a week or two). I’m thinking that I would create some type of access token, publish that token somewhere (e.g. Twitter feed) and allow people to access that sensor until I’ve decided they’ve had enough and revoke the access token. What would be the workflow for this process?

I do not recommend doing that. The access token will grant access to everything in your account, including your code, other devices, remote flashing, transferring devices, and changing the email address on the account. It’s basically the same as giving out your password.

The way to present public data safely is to build a small web server that has the access token embedded in the server-side code (node.js, Python, PHP, etc.) where is can’t be recovered by the end-user’s browser.

You looking for something like this?


That’s what I figured from the documentation. I was hoping for some type of limited (e.g. read only) type access_token w/o the server overhead (which may not be extreme, but adds more to the learning curve than I’d like at the moment).

I think so, although there’s a lot going on in that dashboard that is beyond my simple explorations at this point. Here’s my mini project:

  • set up a device with a TMP36 temperature sensor
  • make that sensor data available to anyone who wants it via curl (GET)
  • revoke access when I decide to do something else with my TMP36 sensor

I came across your comment to a similar discussion here (other thread). linking mostly for my reference when I forget everything that’s been discussed here.

one way of doing this is signing up for an education account on Ubidots, creating a public dashboard there with your data and then sharing that dashboard with a link to your audience. It’s free for one device.

Nice idea @gusgonnet. I came across ThinkSpeak and have been trying that for my application but will have to check out your suggestion as well.

Ubidots has a library available for particle, so it may be straightforward!
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