Exporting data into Excel


I have a number of Photons that are collecting data and sending it to the Particle Cloud. I would like to capture this data in Excel for later use. Would anyone know a way of doing this?

@pitest, you will find lots of information if you search this forum for “google docs” or “google sheets” for exporting data to a spreadsheet.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to look into webhooks, or develop your own always-running service that can subscribe to events from the Particle Cloud and store them. The Particle Cloud service does not (at this time) keep any historical data – the events are ephemeral, so you have to be watching for them as they happen.

As @peekay123 said, if you search the forums, you can find examples for logging data to Google Sheets or other services.

I’ve been thinking about collecting useful code examples and knowledge tidbits into a “Particle Cookbook”, to make things like this easier to find in one place. I actually started a private Github repo for it already, but haven’t had time to work out how I want to organize it, yet.


One of my Photons monitors “off-peak” power events and publishes . Each event is recorded in a Google spreadsheet. Spreadsheet macros then automatically perform calculations and update history. At any time, and from anywhere, I can see status and history. I used PushBullet to get from Particle.publish to Google docs. This has worked well for the past 18 months.

I’ve recently set up Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, and I plan to use MQTT to push the off-peak data (as well as data from other Photons and new mesh devices) to Home Assistant. HA can display current status and historical information locally (and on the web with HTTPS). It can also update files and share them with Windows. I chose this option because I wanted more functionality/flexibility, and fewer moving parts. For example HA can do anything IFTTT can do. It can download JSON data or scrape web pages for data that can be displayed, logged, and shared with Particle devices. It also links with most smart WiFi devices, Alexa, and Google Home, Next, etc. I found “getting started” with HA to be a bit of a knuckle-buster tho. There multiple versions of HA and TOO MUCH advice online. Please send me a message if you want more information related to what I’ve learned on that topic.


I’ve not had real good luck with IFTT and Google Spreadsheets. But I did follow the tutorial on webhooks and save the data to FireBase. At some point I will use it make a nice JS Chart.

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