Event Stream behavior

We’ve been receiving quite a few messages about this and I just wanted to take the time to clarify how the public event stream is supposed to operate. This is a “public” events stream is a data firehouse of all public data on our platform. It does not include private event data or data that has a special tag in its function.
This is normal and expected behavior.

Video below of the normal behavior :smile:


Thanks for clarifying this! I’ve been using the cloud pubsub system for ages now and this somehow hadn’t sunk in. (Thankfully I haven’t published anything too embarrassing!)

Are public and private events in a different namespaces? In other words, if I subscribed to a “temperature” event I publish privately, I shouldn’t expect to get a zillion unrelated public sensor readings, right?

if you issue a particle subscribe temperature then you will get all public temperature data.
I generally recommend using a more descript/secret namespace like
particle subscribe temp389Ohio or just something out of the ordinary

As mentioned in the docs:
“You can listen to events published only by your own devices by adding a MY_DEVICES constant.”


There’s something similar for the command line, also documented:

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Thanks @Moors7! Somehow, I always miss a critical piece of documentation no matter how many times I comb through it.