Error writing firmware: transfer cancelled

I keep getting this annoying message every time I attempt to upload the binary. Device is blinking blue. I use the cli command: particle flash --serial firmware.bin

Have also attempted to flash via usb to no avail.

Any suggestions?

What exactly do you mean by this (considering the Serial flashing is over USB as well)?

Did you try DFU mode?

Hi Moors7, and thanks for responding.

Yes, I have tried DFU (on my MacBook Pro) and get “incorrect platform ID”. (expected 10, parsed 6), use force to override.

Make sure you target the correct device when compiling. It seems as though you’ve selected a Photon where you should’ve selected an Electron.


You were 110% right, compiled for photon by mistake. n00b error.

Thanks so much for your help, now everything’s working fine.