Error on libraries Liquid Crystal

Good Morning by compile my app I receive following error. I have correct same the include statement (#include “LiquidCrystal/LiquidCrystal.h”) but without result.

Libraries corrupt? Or ? Any suggestions?

Could you give us the share link of your project so we can see the exact setup?

Hi Mr.Moors
first I don’t now where I can find the share link app name is: miolcd.ino
and are following I made a lot of rem (//) to decrease number of error. I use the include libraries from web ide image and use this one

Thanks Valentino

// This #include statement was automatically added by the Particle IDE.
#include "LiquidCrystal/LiquidCrystal.h"
// This #include statement was automatically added by the Particle IDE.
#include "application.h"

String testo;
// Make sure to update these to match how you've wired your pins.
// pinout on LCD [RS, EN, D4, D5, D6, D7];
// pin nums LCD  [ 4,  6, 11, 12, 13, 14];
// Shield Shield [RS, EN, D4, D5, D6, D7];
// Spark Core    [D3, D5, D2, D4, D7, D8];
//LiquidCrystal lcd(D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5);

void setup() {
  // set up the LCD's number of columns and rows: 
 // lcd.begin(20,4);
  // Print a message to the LCD.
  //lcd.print("Buongiorno Gaia");

void loop()
    if (Serial1.available() > 0) {
    testo =; // read the incoming byte:
    String thisString = String(testo, HEX);
  // set the cursor to column 0, line 1
  // (note: line 1 is the second row, since counting begins with 0):
  //lcd.setCursor(0, 2);
   //lcd.print("I received: ");lcd.println(testo);
  // print the number of seconds since reset:
  //lcd.setCursor(0, 3);
  //lcd.print("Ora attuale:");
  //lcd.print(Time.hour());lcd.print (":");lcd.print(Time.minute());lcd.print (":");lcd.print(Time.second());
  delay (1000);

Good Afternoon Moors7
I tray to invert the libraries and now it’s work do you have any suggestions?
How can I know how to use correct the libraries?
Thanks Valentino
#include “application.h”
#include “LiquidCrystal/LiquidCrystal.h”

The SHARE THIS REVISION button is described here

You should select the most current official system target (for Photon 0.6.3)

Then change the includes to

#include "Particle.h"
#include "LiquidCrystal.h"

and actually instantiate an object like this

LiquidCrystal lcd(D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5);

and wire the display accordingly.

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