Error 'curl': Does not name a type

Hi, this is my first time trying to connect my core with the net. I began with “control leds over the net” and I wrote almost the same code, only changing the ID and the acces token. I got this error:
error: ‘curl’ does not name a type
// write to the appropriate pin

I don’t know what to do by now. I would really appreciate any help.

Hi @afromero

curl is command-line tool on Windows/Mac/Linux that lets you do the kinds of things a web browser does only under your complete control–it is a great debugging and teaching aid for web applications.

But the curl command does not go in your sketch on the Spark core, it is a command you give to interact with your core in a way similar to how a web browser works. I think maybe you cut-and-pasted too much from the example.

If you are using the web IDE (Build button on the Spark website), then when you create a new app, one of the choices at the bottom is the blink an LED app.