Equivalent to Ping for LTE chips

Is there a call to ping an external website to see if you get a result? I dont think the LTE modems have that specific AT command.

I am wanting to ping an external website to verify it has a connection prior to publishing data.

Ping is not currently supported on cellular devices.

There is a low-level HAL function inet_ping, but calling it on a cellular device returns -120 (not supported).

On the 2G and 3G devices, there is a modem command AT+UPING but the problem is it returns the result as a URC, and there is no way to catch the URC from user firmware, so you can’t tell if it succeeded or not.

On LTE devices, it’s not possible at all because the u-blox SARA-R410M-02-B does not support AT+UPING.

The workaround would be to just try making the connection and see if it succeeds. Or essentially making a UDP echo service which does something like ping (ICMP), but over UDP, which is supported on all devices.