ENC28J60 with Electron


Just wondering if anyone has successfully managed to get ethernet working using the ENC28J60 module?

There’s a couple threads where this is mentioned from a few years ago but they never really came to a conclusion.

The UIPEthernet library says it is compatible with this chip but I can’t get any of the examples to compile.

If the ENC28J60 is too tricky to get working in a short space of time, what is the simplest ethernet to get running with the electron… would the W5500 be best?


Sorry to resurrect this old post but is this library available anywhere?

@PeaTearDial, there are a number of Ethernet libraries available on the Web IDE. Have you taken a look.

Thanks for the replay @peekay123!

I have looked at the available libraries. I’m trying to use a ENC28J60 and the only one of the IDE libraries that says it will work with that chip is the UIPEthernet Library and I cant get that one to compile.
gives the error: Client.h: No such file or directory

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