EMOTE: Wearable for detecting emotion using Boron

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I wanted to say thank you to @rickkas7 @ScruffR and @peekay123 for all the help on these threads. I have just finished my Senior project and we decided to use the Boron microcontroller since it has LTE-M already included. Our device uses a pulse sensor, GSR sensor, and and EMG sensor to determine if there is a significant change in the user’s emotional behavior. I worked with a Behavioral Specialist who works with individuals with Autism to design & apply this to our project, as well as a CS colleague who developed an app that displays the data in real time on graphs as well as a map that links the location of any dramatic changes (we also used an Adafruit GPS ultimate breakout). There was a lot of adjusting of some great code and resources on here to integrate the sensors and sending the data from the Particle cloud to our database so I just wanted to share my experience & show gratitude for everyones help! I am more than willing to share some of the specs of our final design if anyone is interested!


Thanks for the kind words and please do share more :+1:


If you’re willing to do a proper write-up, I’m pretty sure Particle would love to post this on their blog as well. Sounds like a great project, I’d be interested in hearing more as well. Pictures, hardware setup, code, any and all information if more than welcome.