Electron Solar Kit Charging Indicator?

Yea we need to raise the charging voltage.

I started a thread here to discuss this: Changing Battery Charging Settings - Electron

I have not attempted this just yet but it should be easy.

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Now at 3.45MB at 5:45PM 3/01/2016 (4 days). 14.8 KB / hour.
Publishing every 15 minutes and turning off the cell chip.

I wonder if mine discharged too much and damaged the Lipo, or if my 75% vs your 82% max is within the standard deviation of different individual batteries. I understand them not wanting to overcharge Lipo’s considering the ‘hoverboard’ disasters over the holidays.

I’ll see what I can get if I charge over USB.

It’s the deep sleep re-connection issues causing your data to go up so fast. 5-6 KB on every wake up.

I have my Electron on 24/7 publishing battery voltage and SOC every 30 mins and the data is going up very slowly now vs using deep sleep.

No its showing that its terminating the battery charging at below 4v via your graph above.

They set it for 4.1v but its not reaching that voltage. The voltage needs bumped up for sure if you ever want to fully charge the battery. It think we just need to run a line of code to change the charging chip charge voltage setting.

The USB charger will sometimes get you close to 100%.

I max out at 3.85 volts while on solar, which according to a couple things I read is between 40-50% charged, not 75% even.

I’m going to get rid of the Cellular.off() function and see how that works out. I’ll still use deep sleep though, which hopefully means I don’t have to spend that extra KB.

Yea that Deep sleep cost you 5-6Kb on every wake up I’m pretty sure, even with the Cellular module staying on.

My data was going quicker using deep sleep compared to just leaving it run 24/7.

See that doesn’t make sense to me.

I thought the reconnection only occurred if you turned the module off and that was the additional data. Based on the LED activity, it only had to fully reconnect with the tower when I turned the module off before sleep. If I left the module on, it just had to reconnect to the cloud (at least according to the LED). Maybe it still has to do a ‘handshake’ with the tower after deep sleep, plus reconnect entirely if I shut the cell module down. I wonder what each transaction costs in data…

On USB its cutting me off at 4.0, solar cuts me off at 3.85.

Yea its confusing isn’t it :smile:

It sounds like the re connection data happens when the Micro is restarted from scratch which happens with deep sleep. System.sleep stops the process so when it wakes up it does not do a full reset.

Bdub posted a update to the latest System.sleep function issues. https://github.com/spark/firmware/issues/888

Here is the function we need to figure out how to run to raise the charging voltage:

The file is located here: https://github.com/spark/firmware/blob/develop/wiring/src/spark_wiring_power.cpp

The code were needing is here:

And another function to check is Charge Termination.

I think we just need some guidance on how to properly change the charging voltage setting :wink:

Yep. Not sure they will want to tell us to do that though.

I just reflashed it to wake up at 30 minute intervals for a 15 second period to publish and go back to deep sleep, but leave the cell module on. Will see what happens. I’m at 3.47MB at 7:00PM 3/1/2016.

so… setChargeVoltage(4208);
and cross your fingers that it doesn’t explode?

You first!

We can do what ever we want with our units. 4.2v is the normal charing voltage for a LiPo cell. They just set it low to be in the safe side considering they are shipping so many of them. But this causes the problem of the fuel gauge never really working the way most people are used to.

How would you feel if your cell phone only ever charged to 80-86% and never went above it. You would think it was broken and go get a replacement.

Is that all it takes? I think its more complicated than that but I’m not sure.

@ScruffR @peekay123 Any advice on this?

Looks like that setChargeVoltage function takes only two inputs at this time, 4208 and 4112. 4112 is safer and for temps over 45 deg. C.

Not sure if it needs to be setChargeVoltage(uint16_t 4208), or just setChargeVoltage(4208).

Then again, I’m not a programmer by any means, so…

From my first original post.

What are the voltage specs on the solar panel your using?

Solar panels output less voltage when its warm and sunny so I’m not sure what the output voltage is during peak sun but it may also be contributing to only going up to 75% via solar.