Electron for final product manufacturing

I need a little bit of help here. I am much more of a software guy than a hardware guy.

I am basically going to use the Electron, take 5 of the pins/headers out, and drop in a momentary switch, and 4 green LEDs, and put it in a plastic enclosure for the end user.

My questions are:

  1. Do I need the battery? I would rather plug into the electrical outlet in a home and not use the battery at all. I would like to to operate the same as plugging the Amazon Fire Tv, or Amazon Dot into the wall.

  2. What are the specs for the Bright White LED that the developer kit provides? I basically want to get the same thing but green ones.

Thanks for the help!

No, you won’t need the battery if your power supply can respond to sudden spikes in current demand as fast as the LiPo does.
So in addition to the electrical requirements (5V/2A) your power supply has to be fast responding (e.g. extra buffer caps).

No idea what the exact type of the used white LED is, but whites are usually not directly comparable to other colours that way (considerable differences in forward voltage).
You could use any LED as long it’s forward voltage is less than 3.2V and you limit the current correctly.
When connecting to a GPIO pin direct, you’ll need to limit the current to 20mA (25mA total max), while not exceeding the LED’s limits.
When switching the LED via a transistor, you only need to limit the current according to the max rating of the LED.

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