Electron device stop sleep without interreput wakeup


According to the docs, these are basically the sleep options:
1.) System application code will keep running
2.) Deep sleep, that results in system restart
3.) wake in interrupt and/or time

I use the Electron Asset tracker kit, and even without initializing the accelerometer and setting an unused empty pin, the device wakes up in case of movement. (I think I had to use the kind of sleep where there is a wake on interrupt possibility beccause that is the only type that supports the SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY option).

How can I specify a sleep with SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY without waking up on interrupt from the accelerometer?

If you are upgrading to 0.6.0-rc.2 deep sleep will also support SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY and the wake on movement in Stop Mode sleep (3) will not happen either (unless you select WKP as trigger pin).

This will also be the intended behaviour for the official release of 0.6.0

But you can deactivate the trigger output on the accelerometer if you don’t want to be woken by movement.
This is also the only way to not wake from deep sleep on movement.
AFAIK, by default that option is not activated anyway.

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