Electron Cellular Antenna Removal

I did something silly with the Taoglas PC104 antenna and mounted it on the inside top of the asset tracker enclosure, where it is semi-blocking the GPS LOS.

Is there a good way to get it off? It’s rather stuck. If I get it off, what should I use to remount it elsewhere? Crazyglue / CA?



I don’t know how to get it off, but the adhesive is 3M 9448. That’s probably somewhat useless information, however, because a 55 yard roll of that tape will cost more than the antenna, and you’d have a whole lot of leftover tape. LOL

Pry it out with a flat head screwdriver. Taking care not to crack it. You can use a double sided tape to stick it back anywhere you want. As long as you don’t tape is to metal, its fine.


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