Eclipse PAHO MQTT client library


I would like using the Eclipse Paho MQTT library with my Spark Core development. Before trying using this library I would like knowing if the library is suited to be ported/used to/with Spark Core?


There are a couple of implementations of MQTT libraries but not the Eclipse PAHO in particular.

I’ve ported The Arduino PubSub Library but it was a bit of a hack and I didn’t release it. However Chris Howard has done a better port of it over here. It works well but since the “deep update” I’m having problems with stability of code using TCP. My cores are crashing in just under 24 hours with a MQTT broker connection up all the time.

I just noticed a MQTT library in the shared libaries in the online IDE, I haven’t given that a go yet.

As far as i’m aware nobody has attempted to port the Eclipse Paho library yet although there are some articles on getting running on the TI CC3200 which is a ARM CortexM4 Core

I’ve recently started playing with the MQTT library. I just wanted to say that getting a reliable MQTT library up and running would do wonders for making Sparkcores more IoT friendly. It opens up so much.

I’ve been using Chris Howard’s library.

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