Eclipse does not import Fontify - Android App


I’m trying to customize the Android App following the steps that appears in Github tutorial .

I’ve downloaded the Github repository with all files and Eclipse Standard 4.3.2.
I follow all steps but the step 3 says:

You should now see two projects under the “Projects to Import” header: “SparkCore” and “Fontify”. Click on Finish.

But I only see “SparkCore” and there is no way to add Fontify. When I try to add only “Fontify” Eclipse says:

No projects are found to import

What am I doing wrong?


When you imported the project into Eclipse, did you select the android-app folder or the SparkCore folder?

You should select the android-app and then you will see both sub-projects listed - at least this is what happened whe I did this.

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Thanks @ScruffR for your answer. Yes, I select the android-app-master folder but only SparkCore folder is listed and imported.
Could it be the version of Eclipse I’m using?

That is odd, indeed!

I am using Eclipse Kepler SR2, but SR1 and Juno worked fine, too.

Maybe you remove all android-app projects from your Eclipse Workspace (or create a new Workspace) and also delete (or rename) all files/folders starting with . (e.g. .project, .settings … - but not the .git folder, if present) from the android-app folder and its subfolders and retry importing.