Easiest way to call a particle function from iOS device?

I’m looking for a quick and dirty way to call a particle function from an iOS device.

I can call the function from my mac using the particle command line. I know I can make an html file (stored locally on my mac) to do the same, but that file has to contain a key… so I don’t want to store the html in a publicly-accessible place.

Eventually, I want to learn how to write a mobile app… but that’ll need to be a bit later.



HI @JeffInCO ,

Good Question! If you’re building an iOS app, you can use our iOS SDK:


If you’re wanting to build a web app, checkout our Javascript SDK here:


They should have lots of examples and great documentation to help you along.


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Or… You make a login screen in which you can login with your credentials. That can then retrieve an access token to be used. I’ve got an example going here using the JavaScript API: http://jordymoors.nl/interface That way you can save it publicly as well, without having to hard-code your credentials.


Just thought I’d come back to this thread and say “thanks” to Particle for their new iOS app (v2.0). It includes the ability to call particle functions on a device, which completely addresses my request at the start of this thread.

In the long term, I still plan to learn to write an iOS (and eventually Android) app, but for now I’m focused on the device HW and FW, testing some prototypes in the real world. The new app allows me to stay focused on HW/FW development and testing without dragging around a cellular-connected laptop/etc when setting up a new device in the field.