E Series Dev Kit ... the power supply

Suited to direct connect to 12v in an auto or marine environment? The concerns being ability to tolerate typical transients and dropouts (starter motor engaging etc.). Thanks for any guidance. Cheers

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@WoobaGooba, I would safely assume that you need to add the necessary protection.

I would look up the specs on the PMIC chip and see what the max input voltage rating is. Last I remember it was 17v but I’m not 100% sure.

The vehicle voltage spike can go higher than that at times so it would be best to add protection to avoid spikes to be safe.

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What protection is recommended? I’ll also be monitoring several battery voltages so starter transient protection etc will be needed. Thanks

Good question.

@peekay123 Do you have any specific recommendations for this?

@RWB, @chipmc’s Electron Carrier Board is a good start. However, automotive environments are quite nasty on power lines but also on sensitive analog and digital inputs. This a wide variety of protection components the automotive industry. I had a link to a good article that seems to be escaping me. If I can find it, I will post it here.

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Good info here … http://www.industrologic.com/autoelectronics.pdf

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