E-ink FeatherWing?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an e-ink display to use with Particle devices and can be updated frequently (partial update every second would be ideal, full update every 15 seconds could be workable), specifically Argon & Boron? I saw one from Adafruit but the docs say it has a 3-minute max refresh rate. I have a Waveshare 2.13" 250px x 122px that I use on some non-Particle projects, but I haven’t seen a library to use it with Particle.

@PintSize, are you looking at e-paper for low power? Will you be sleeping the Argon(soon to be Photon 2)/Boron and waking every second?

I ask because another low power, high-speed refresh display is the Sharp Memory display which has super fast refresh rate and ) available from Adafruit. I have an Adafruit_GFX compatible library I would be happy to share.

As for an e-paper display that can do partial refresh, the 2.9" module from Waveshare supports it using the GxEPD2 library which does support Particle devices. Though it’s available on the Web IDE, it doesn’t load due to the large number of files, so you may need to use the Particle Workbench to load the library and put your project together.

The choice of e-paper is for extremely low power. The Boron will go to sleep for an hour at a time, but be on battery for days. It will wake for a few seconds to perform some operations, and by the time it establishes the cell connection the desired actions will be done, it will push an event, then sleep. During the hour long sleep I want the display to retain the last content which will include sleep time and the next wake time.

During periods it has external power, it will be displaying data in real-time and have some configuration options, but all text so updating every second would be fast enough.

I am developing using the Workbench already (I use VS Code for tons of other stuff anyway), so the library to use the 2.9" Waveshare wouldn’t be a problem (I hope), I do see they have versioned it with breaking changes but I can dig into that further. I’m open to the Sharp Memory display if it holds the image indefinately while the Boron sleeps for an hour, and if it can handle operating temps in the 45C-50C range.

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