Duplicate events for Particle.publish()

I have problem with events created with Particle.publish() . Every time when .publish() is executed, I got TWO events in database (queue). On dashboard I see two rows, and Webhook executed twice!

Hard to guess what’s going on without seeing your code…

Hmm. it seems chrome was problem… I saw two rows in dashboard logs for every event. Same data, timestamp… I thought that I have duplicate data (events) in cloud database. I’ve restarted PC and now everything is ok…
If problem start again, I will make screenshot.

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Here you can see at 9:18:33 pm everything is ok, and after that events are duplicated, but only on dashboard screen. With event receiver (Azure client), only one webhook is processed.

Yes and I have noticed this problem.Should be tested with another browser.
Sometimes it spends a long time to begin to show Event’s