Hey guys be sure to checkout , its make it super easy to trigger events which send email or text messages anytime a new predefined event is triggered.

If you have any questions @aguspg is around to help out. I can see how this can easily be used to send a SMS when a doorbell is pushed.

@wgbartley Thanks for sharing your code. This is an interesting project and I have been trying to implement this for myself, but I don’t have any prior experience with PHP script, so I am unable to figure out how to consume the data and call the SMS api. Could you please help me with that!

What is hooked up to the yellow cable?

Nothing :slight_smile: Sometimes we put jumpers in there just to power the rails in case we want to supply +3.3V or GND to some other circuitry later on. In this case only the GND is used, not the 3V3* (yellow jumper).