Donut Guard is on duty!

I brought a donut to work for a snack. But I was worried about… DONUT THIEVES!

So I did something about it using a Particle Core with a PIR.

The Core detects motion, and sends events up to the Cloud.

On my laptop, I have a nodejs app that subscribes to those events. And when motion is detected, it shouts a warning to the would-be thief!

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Well done and made me laugh.
Are there any good Nodejs tutorials out there for subscribing and all that? Assuming someone has NO nodejs or js experience for that matter? I am pretty good at hacking other people’s stuff together but haven’t seen anything that was approachable.

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When I get time, I’ll write something up. I can tell you that the main stumbling block I hit was that while most of the sparkjs library uses promises, the device.subscribe() and spark.getEventStream() methods do not – they expect a function parameter. I spent hours wondering why my code was throwing exceptions saying undefined is not a function.

Very nice!