Doing some work for particle

Hey I’m just wondering how someone would go about contributing to particle? I’m new to embedded dev and I’d love to somehow be able to contribute by fixing some simple bugs or whatever. Just curious how something like that would or could work.

one way would be to scan the issues in any of the Particle repos at github.

For instance, this one?

There might be tons of other ways to help, maybe @marekparticle or @rickkas7 or @zach can help here (to name a few).

@doubleopinter ,

Thank you for showing interest in contributing. I think that @gusgonnet gave the best answer given your question. However, another great way to contribute is to be an active member of this forum. There are plenty of issues to be solved here and, when you do it on the forum, everyone benefits.



I’ve contributed over the years by creating tools to facilitate alternative/custom local Particle development environments, provide solutions to common CLI-related headaches, and automate certain development tasks.

The latest generation of my tool is neopo and is the successor to po-util, a utility that was very popular before Particle Workbench came around. neopo is far more organized than po-util and fully compatible with Particle Workbench.

By developing neopo I’ve greatly assisted many Particle users on Linux, as neopo resolves most issues that may arise during the initial setup of Particle toolchains.

For users of Arch Linux and Arch-based distributions I maintain a package on the AUR that makes it incredibly easy to install neopo and Particle Workbench.

yay -S visual-studio-code-bin neopo-git
neopo setup
neopo setup-workbench

oh, I just thought of something else @doubleopinter !

What if you created the project you want with Particle and shared here how you did it for everybody to learn?
Any project helps and each has its own challenges.



Thanks guys! I’m really interested in getting down into the particle code itself as I’d like to get some experience with something as close to the hardware as possible. I will be checking out the repos for sure, probably start by just looking at a bunch of closed issues and how they are getting resolved.

I will try to contribute on this forum as well.

Thank you!!


What devices do you have?

I have Photon, Argon which I got with a couple mesh nodes and, somewhere in the house, an early 3G cellular one (Electron I think)

Edit: I also have a debugger