Does the Photon have a real time clock?

Does the Photon have a read real time clock?

And what would this be?

I have heard that the Photon has a real time clock in it. Is this true?

I see - real time clock (RTC) not read time clock (which I don’t know) :sunglasses:
(I’ll edit your topic and your post accordingly then)

Yes, the Photon has got an RTC.

Have a search on the forum and the docs for RTC and VBAT

Sorry about that! :smiley:

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How can I use the Photon to print the time in milliseconds over serial with millis()?

Guessing by the topic title about RTC you might rather want to know how to print the RTC time, or not?

And I’d go for


But this only gives you the " since January 1, 1970 (commonly known as “Unix time” or “epoch time”)"

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Is the Photon’s built in RTC accurate to the micro second?

No it’s not.

Sorry I meant milli second not micro second.

If you could explain a bit more about your application and why you’re looking for such precision we might be able to help better than when you throw out a question and we just answer that.

Even the question if any clock is accurate to a milli second does not really make sense. Immediately after sync it will be, and after a few hours it might still be, but after a day it most likely will not be and after several days it will definetly not be. Even atomic clocks go off by some milliseconds - it might take some millions of years, but it happens :wink:

So if you want accuracy, you need to resync from time to time.

But have some read here

BTW: UNIX Epoch time is not even accurate to the second, due to leap seconds :wink: