Documentation update request for v0.4.4 handshake


I’m trying to write my own spark-server but in different language than node.js (python in my case).

I notice the handshake change a bit in v0.4:

Since the photon doesn’t recognize the session_key I send (while it’s work on a core hardware) I guess the server is supposed to do something with this 128 bytes length key, but can you tell me how the server must handle this key?

Thanks you very much

The only change to the handshake for 0.4.x has been the introduction of a few extra bytes at the end of the handshake for PLATFORM_ID, otherwise the handshake is identical to 0.3.4 (current Core firmware.)

So you can tell me more about this function? In which format is send the key?

I really don’t understand because my code (implemented with works with core, but not with photon. Photon close connection after received cyphertext+signature.