Do we need to manually RSA-encode the wifi password when using softAP?

Hello. Based on @mebrunet’s (awesome) examples, I have completed a working softAP setup website for my product. However, I’m unsure whether I need to manually RSA-encrypt the wifi password. The softAP-setup-js github page docs (here) say “…It’s worth noting that this library uses the public key of the device to encrypt any AP passwords that are sent when configuring and connecting your device”. But the code examples from @mebrunet (for both the js softAP and now the brand-new 0.5.0 built-in softAP) show manual RSA-encoding.

Anyone know for sure?


@dperrigan Dan how hard was it to create a custom softAp setup page for your product?

Did you customize the screen layout?

I have not attempted this nor do I fully understand how to set this up yet but it sounds like you didn’t have to much trouble with it.

Any info would be appreciated :smiley: