DNS doesn't work after firmware Update

Hi, until yesterday my Sparkcore was working without any issues, but now I can’t use the Http Client library from https://github.com/nmattisson/HttpClient.

I updated the firmware to 3.04 and then got this error. I tried going backwards but got the same problem, tried GET, POST requests and even a GET request to google but always get connection failed.

I’m programming from the web IDE (have a windows PC) and this is my code https://gist.github.com/LuisFDuarte/9358c3daa34a8b6a81f4#file-gistfile1-cpp. This code was working the last week. Thanks in advance

The httpclient does not work as well for me. But I can’t do any kind of tcp connections… see my post: TcpClient Problem

I guess something broke after firmware update , looks like a common problem.

Hi @luis02

Have you tried to tool that @mtnscott pulled together available here:

So far, there are 3-4 reports of this problem, but there is no good work-around when it happens.