Disable WiFi LED when using a battery

I have a Photon that features a multicolor LED for signaling various operational modes. I’d like to programmatically disable that LED from ever lighting up. Can anyone tell me how that can be done?

My application is a deeply embedded battery powered system. Nobody will ever see the LED so it just wastes battery power when it is lit. I’d like to disable lighting it during my normal run mode. I’d like to keep the LED behavior as it exists now during my debug mode. My run and debug modes will be switchable using a command over WiFi. Removing the LED will not satisfy my requirements.

Thanks - JJS

@johnspeth, are mirroring the onboard RGB LED to your own LED? You may want to read the RGB LED section of the docs.

Thanks, Peekay. I was hoping the solution would be this straightforward. I have confirmed that:

  1. I can programmatically disable the built-in LED signaling functions and turn off the LED by executing:

  2. I can programmatically restore the built-in LED signaling functions by executing:


It works perfectly - JJS

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