Disable the charging LED on a Boron

I am running my Boron off of a solar panel. The panel keeps the connected lipo charged. I am wondering if there is a software based method of disabling the charging LED. If there is not, is there any reason that I might not want to de-solder it?

Since the Boron and the Electron use the same PMIC, have a look at this post:

That post provides notes about turning off the entire PMIC. I am still using the LIPO. I just don’t want the charging LED. I was hoping that there was some way to control the charging LED similar to the way that you can control the system LED.

The charging LED cannot be controlled separately from charging. The LED is connected directly to the STAT output of the PMIC, and the bq24195 does not have any software setting that disables STAT.


Thanks Rick. It looks like I’ll need to remove this LED from the board.