Digole UART/I2C/SPI Display Library


timb, I’ve had some frustrating times with code in my life and certainly “gave it the finger” but not to that extreme!

Gotta say, the left hand keyboard thing… you’re a real trooper!



timb… need… digole… library… must… have… digole… libary… must…



Heh heh


timb, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up… but a Digole library would go a long way to helping!!!



LOL Okay guys, I’ll get this going for you today. They actually did surgery yesterday to insert two metal pins into the tip of my middle finger.

Your fingernail apparently starts at the first joint (under the skin) in your finger. My bone had actually pushed this up through the skin. It was pretty gnarly.

I guess I’m part machine now. Like Robocop or Data from Star Trek TNG. Now to find a positronic brain…


timb, dude, you take your typing WAY too seriously and that leads to injuries! Perhaps you are more like Johnny Mnemonic?



Aww man, you missed a perfect opportunity to have them throw an RFID tag in your middle finger tip…

Imagine scanning that for entry or purchases!

Hope you heel fast! I’m sure it’s annoying enough…


Holy crud, I’m glad surgery went well! Does that make you the first cyborg in the community I wonder?


Did you get that code posted for the Wifi Scanner? You have the link? Looks like a great project.


I’ll have that and the Library posted today. I’ve basically slept since Thursday afternoon, so I’m a little behind. No big deal though. :smiley_cat:


I would love to get that kind of sleep! Too many things to do though, ain’t nobody got time for that :smile:


When they knock you out with benzos to do the surgery and you opt for no pain killers afterwards, you’re pretty happy to sleep! Apparently the tip of my middle finger was broken in two places and the tip of my ring finger broken in one. They didn’t have to pin the ring finger, thankfully. The surgeon said the middle finger was really messed up though.

I’d been up all night Sunday and all day Monday working on a deadline. Monday afternoon I went out in the back yard to brush my dog, Waffles. I went through the gate to outside the fence to retrieve a dog toy and, in my ultimate wisdom thought I’d save 10 seconds of walking and climb over the fence. It’s not chain link, but wire stapled to posts with a board that runs along the top. I slipped halfway over and my middle and ring fingers got stuck between the wire and top board. My right shoe got stuck in the wire as well, so I fell over the fence, broke my fingers and was left dangling by my right foot with my back on the ground.

At first I thought my ankle was broken, as I had to pull very hard to get my foot out of the shoe. It wasn’t until I got back to the house I realized my finger was that bad. I didn’t make it into the ER until Wednesday.

Warning! Semi-Graphic Pictures of Broken Finger!

  • Picture 1: The tip of my middle finger was broken in two places.
  • Picture 2: Base of the fingernail pushed up by the broken bone.
  • Picture 3: Two pins inserted into the tip of the finger to align the bone.


Wow! Crazy man… how do you ninja flip over a fence, break the crap out of your fingers and then NOT go to the ER for 3 days? Only thing I’ve ever needed stitches for is running to get the phone… pretty lame compared to this.


I was so tired from being up I just wrapped my fingers and crashed for like 24 hours. Tuesday afternoon when I woke up it was snowmegeddon, so I couldn’t drive to the ER. I splint the finger and rewrapped it, which got me through until Wednesday morning. Unfortunately I had eaten breakfast before going to the ER, so they couldn’t do the surgery right away. Had to wait until Thursday morning for that.

I guess I’ve got a very high tolerance to pain because even the ER tech was like, “Oh my god, how are you not crying right now?”

I even wrote an entire chapter of my book Tuesday night!


Someday, someone will write a book about you! :slight_smile:


WTF!!! That is funny but really not funny! My brother stabbed himself with an xacto knife in the top knuckle of his right index finger in university working on an architectural project. It ended up getting infected and that knuckle basically dissolved. After he finally went to see a doctor and with lots of antibiotics, his finger tip was left kinda pointing to the left, about 45 degrees. Doctors told him he could get the tip fused to the middle bone but he did not want the hassles of surgery. You are one lucky dude, timb. I could have been worse… you could have gotten really sick and then we would never see that digole library!!! :wink:

PS. Glad you REALLY are ok.


Thanks man! I made sure to clean the opening with peroxide and apply plenty of Triple Antibiotic Ointment on Monday and Tuesday. They gave me two shots right in my hip on Wednesday which I swear hurt worse than anything else! Sorry to hear about your brother’s finger. Infections can be brutal!

Wouldn’t be a very exciting book at this point! XD


Priorities!!! :slight_smile: Love it.


TimB just saw this post, what a bummer. When I was a kid I smashed my finger open doing something similar. Hang in there.

BTW what is the book?


Thanks dude! 30 years of being clumsy, too smart for my own good and sometimes a dumbass and this is the first time I’ve broken anything. I’ve bruised, jammed, cut, stubbed, stabbed and otherwise hurt myself many times, but this is a first!

I’m writing a book for McGraw-Hill on the Raspberry Pi, specifically how to use it in robotics for the DIY/Maker crowd. Instead of showing you how to build a specific robot step-by-step, I show you the hardware and software you need to hook a variety of sensors, motor controllers, and other devices up to the Pi. I’m doing it sort of in the style of Gordon McComb’s venerable Robot Builder’s Bonanza.

There will also be four big projects in the last section of the book: An Easy to Build Indoor Platform (this scales from tiny to large and can be built with hardware store materials), Pi Powered Hexapod (another indoor platform, but it’s a larger hexapod build to accommodate the Pi), 6WD Outdoor Rover (based on the Dagu Wild Thumper chassis, featuring six 34:1 motors with independent suspension on each wheel, this will be a high speed rugged outdoor platform designed for semi-autonomous operation via a long distance radio or cell link) and finally the Pi-Powered-Quad-Copter (a fully autonomous outdoor quadcopter UAV designed to fly straight to any destination clicked on a map and relay back photos or video over a long-distance WiFi or 4G Cellular link).

The software and hardware sections of the book will be very comprehensive, the whole thing clocking in at just under 500 pages (the above 4 projects only taking up about 100 pages total, if that), but it’s very accessible because you don’t have to read it in order or anything. Just use what you need!