Did the "Account Migration" break Authentication Client for products?


Did the recent “account migration” reference here https://status.particle.io/incidents/s3jbd9m136b8 break the cloud API to obtain a token? I have a python script that makes an API request as shown below. It’s been working great for the last several weeks/months. I did not change my, User, PW, Secret or ID. Here is how I make the API call:

    data = {
    'grant_type': 'password',
    'username': Config.PARTICLE_USER,
    'password': Config.PARTICLE_PW
    response = requests.post('https://api.particle.io/oauth/token', data=data, auth=( Config.PARTICLE_CLIENTID, Config.PARTICLE_CLIENTSECRET))
    dictFromServer = response.json()

Yesterday it worked fine… today I get: {'error': 'invalid_grant', 'error_description': 'User credentials are invalid'} I am certain my username/PW is correct?

I’m wondering if that update broke something or if I need to re-do my Authentication Client for the product.


Not sure if this was just me or not but looks like the upgrade deleted my Authentication Client (I.e. my Client_ID and Secret) for my product. When I navigated to where those are setup for a product it said I had non even though I know I had one established and listed there before. I went ahead and created a new Authentication Client and using my new Client_ID and Secret the API call to obtain a token works again.

Maybe I just missed the memo that this would be required after this upgrade or maybe it was just me. Not sure but I’m up and running again.


same issue for our account… Our mobile apps don’t work as the credentials are not valid.
Is there an option to restore the clients? Otherwise we would have to update the apps, which could take days (App store review).